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Vacation time last week very short to you and your family can come to the resort in the distance and feel the sense of relaxation and comfort. However, not we don't have any other choice. The resort is the ideal place for the weekend picnic inside the body. Located in the heart of the valley wild in Kim Boi, Hoa Binh, the V-Resort, located in Hanoi, 60km to the northwest. Hoa Binh is famous as the land of fresh, cool, suitable for resort. For that reason, V-Resort attracts many tourists to relax on weekends with family or friends. There, guests will experience the service facilities like luxurious bedrooms, villa bamboo has excellent quality. There are also all the house floor for socializing, meeting. Not only that you can participate in the entertainment game such as fishing, playing mini golf, tennis, cycling...and especially mental relaxation by a steam, a dip in the hot mineral water to forget the fatigue of daily life during the week.
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