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Ard Canaan

Ard Canaan Restaurant is a unique authentic restaurant represent the traditional Holy Land Cuisine.  Ard Canaan term leads to the cradle of civilizations, from Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and parts of the Sinai.

​​​Visiting Ard Canaan Restaurant will insure a comprehensive experience in time and space. All corner in the restaurant will lead to a story. A story full of love, passion and authenticity.  

Our guests will be delighted to witness one of a kind experience while walking through the restaurant passages. Feeling that you are in the Holy Land tasting the authentic cuisine and touching the genuine item brought from Ard Canaan to Doha. All these is an insurance that we never missed a detail.

With all the love we are honored to serve you at Ard Canaan Restaurant. 


Tel: +974 44 08 08 11
        +974 44 08 08 33