Programme & Tickets

2 Oct - 27 Mar 2015
05:00:pm - 07:00:pm
Katara Art Studios - Bldg 19
The Cultural Village Foundation – Katara In cooperation with the Ministry of Labour & Social Aairs Presents Handcrafts Workshops and Outdoor Market
24 Oct - 20 Mar 2015
03:00:pm - 10:00:pm
Katara Art Studios - Bldg 19
In collaboration with QatART – handmade community in Qatar – we are inviting you to a handmade market at Katara Art Studios Courtyard. A wide variety…
11 Nov - 14 Feb 2015
10:00:am - 08:00:pm
Building 10, QMA Gallery
The exhibition highlights Qatari artist Yousef Ahmad’s body of work through a precise selection of his most striking artworks from his early works in 1970s…
1 Jan - 31 Jan 2015
10:00:am - 10:00:pm
Al-Gannas Association
The sixth Qatar International Falcons and Hunting Festival 2015
8 Jan - 29 Jan 2015
10:00:am - 10:00:pm
Building 19, Gallery 2
Zabrah, is the most precious moment of one’s lifetime. It is a traditional Qatari word that defines the dressing up for special occasions, it stems…
28 Feb - 9 Mar 2015
09:00:am - 10:00:pm
Katara Cultural Village
About the festival: The Cultural Village Foundation Katara is organizing this event for the fourth consecutive year, as this festival is considered the most famous of…