AlBahie Auction House

From our galleries and auction hall in Katara Cultural Village, AlBahie Auction House engages our community of local and international collectors with monthly auctions, selling exhibitions and special events to nurture the discovery
of our shared cultural history and to further understanding and communication in a cross-cultural dialogue. 

Offering works of exceptional quality in a range of diverse sale categories from Modern and Contemporary Art, Arts of the Islamic Worlds, Rugs and Carpets, Orientalist Art, as well as Banknotes and Coins, AlBahie is an essential stop in Doha's dynamic art scene.

Our specialists have an in-depth knowledge of each sale category and will help guide you through the process, whether you are new to AlBahie or new to the auction world. AlBahie is committed to providing clients with a unique buying experience.

Stay up to date with our calendar of events by subscribing to our newsletter at, follow us on instagram @albahie, or give us a call at 4408 0534
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