Bedaya Center For entrepreneurship and Career Development

Bedaya Center is a lively, enjoyable place to be, where it is possible to network, get good career advice, learn new ideas,  find out how to start or expand a business

Bedaya Center, a joint initiative between Qatar Development Bank and Silatech, provides Qatari youth access to a wide range of services including career guidance, self-assessment, employability skills development, employability and entrepreneurship, mentoring opportunities, volunteering, practical training, networking activities, and lecturers programs. Silatech's Employability and SME Development programs work together to offer their services to the Qatari youth in close cooperation with Bedaya Center.


Bedaya Center also aims at providing Qatari youth with career development and entrepreneurship services by organising several basic skills training workshops which will help you start your career in the Qatari labor market, or launch your own business. The Center holds several monthly activities and annual conferences which all aim at helping the youth reach their professional and entrepreneurial goals by developing their skills and abilities and setting goals and work plans.
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