Brooq Magazine

"Brooq" is a monthly Qatari magazine that covers diverse topics such as poetry, literature, arts, tradition and social issues, the magazine is considered as the first of its kind in Qatar.
The Magazine started in 2003 to become one of the leading magazines that accomplished the clear vision to reach its cultural goals in a limited time with the efforts of its team.

"Brooq" … is not only a magazine, it is also great history, as the name Brooq has a deep significance to people of Qatar … as the name Brooq refers to ancient archeological Qatari region Ras Brooq.

The magazine has known years of successful presence reflecting the pride of this media stand.

"Brooq" magazine is also an essential media partner of the Cultural Village Foundation Katara to present an original cultural portrait of Qatar.


Freedom of expression… in the credibility of editing


Provide a media model to approach and publish all subjects of the magazine such as literature, arts, tradition and community issues … to reach a high position among the Arab media.

To realize this vision we will invite the best journalists, writers, journalists to join the magazine to provide a high cultural value in all topics presented to the readers ... and create a work environment based on teamwork and excellence in performance ... to complete many achievements in accordance with the national vision of the State of Qatar.


Media business development and reflect the positive image of the Qatari media to raise the quality of approaching and improve the orientation.


Qatar First

Press Integrity

Respect the reader

Full of confidence

Logical diversity

Communicate with others

Participation in construction

Regulatory Compliance



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