Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue

Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue (DICID) is a Qatari based institution working in fields including interfaith dialogue intercultural and capacity building.

The State of Qatar, represented in DICID, believes that nation-building process is based on mutual collaboration and respect between the components of society to ensure social harmony and constructive interaction among different faiths, cultures and races.


In May 2007, the DICID was established under a Board of Directors and an International Advisory Council including scholars from the three monotheistic religions.


The Center seeks a constructive dialogue among followers of religions to better understand the religious principles and teachings and to serve humanity as a whole, based on mutual respect and recognition of differences amongst individuals and institutions. It also reflects Qatar's vision of treating all citizens and residents with respect, and practice religious rites with all comfort in a way that does not harm the teachings of the Islamic religion and the customs and traditions of the State of Qatar and its hospitable people.


To be a leading advocate to achieve peaceful coexistence among followers of religions and a global reference in the field of interfaith dialogue.



The Doha International Center for Dialogue aims:

  • To be a forum, to promote the culture of peaceful coexistence and tolerance of the other.
  • To activate religious values to address the issues and problems that concern humanity.
  • To expand the content of the dialogue to include aspects of life interacting with religion.
  • To expand the dialogue to include researchers and academics interested in the relationship between religious values and issues of life.
  • To be a house of expertise that provides scientific solutions, educational practices and training sessions in the field of dialogue.