Folk arts and crafts

Qatar attaches great importance to folklore, as heritage is the start towards civilization and development to preserve national identity. The sciences and knowledge acquired by Qatari people throughout those past years must be well-preserved through cultural institutions and museums and bequeathed to future generations in new molds to fit the current era.

The traditional handicrafts are the daily used manual product characterized by high quality and considered as one of the most important elements of the national identity. We discover through our crafts the beautiful world of our culture with its popular fine-arts and various decorative styles, it is an intellectual and cultural product. Successive generations have been taught instinctively these skills, passed down from generation to another with perfection, until private institutions, ministries and universities were established in many countries of the world.

Our handicrafts appeared in the Qatari society in the past to meet the needs and requirements of daily life.

The traditional handicraft in Qatar has varied to include the craft of Sadu, jewelery, fronds, leather tanning, wood industries, traditional clothing manufacturing, building materials such as decorative gypsum, marine crafts, blacksmithing and traditional shipbuilding ... etc, and folk artist added touches that made very beautiful handicrafts pieces.

In different countries around the world, traditional handicrafts play a prominent role in economic, cultural and tourism fields, and contribute to supporting the economy of individual and society, and have integrated traditional crafts within their professional organizational structures such as tourism and commerce.

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