Kunafa is, of course, the famous Arab dessert, which originated in Palestine.
In this casual-dining (or park-and-go) restaurant, you will firstly need to tuck into one of our tasty shawarma, an ancient dish of succulent meat grilled to perfection on charcoal and wrapped in a nutritious fresh pita bread for your delectation.

The warm and welcoming atmosphere at Kunafa & Shawarma Albisana gives you, your family, friends or even business associates a relaxing environment in which to enjoy Shawarma that demands to be sampled.

Shawarma is in many ways – like the pizza or the hamburger – a fast food that has transcended its local roots and become a worldwide staple from Los Angeles to Lahore and beyond. There is a reason for this: it's tasty, quick to prepare, and in the case of Kunafa & Shawarma Albisana, prepared with the finest, freshest ingredients to an authentic recipe. Try one (or more!), and you'll be back…


Opening Hours:

01:00 pm - 01:30 am

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Address: After Falcon  Building, Katara Cultural Village


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