Chac’Late gives the game away as to what is on offer at this European-themed chocolatier, as the name is, phonetically, how a local child would pronounce the name of the main product at this outstanding new outlet.
The European theme of Chac'Late gives a nod to roots of where chocolate is considered an art form (in countries such as France, Belgium and, of course, Switzerland) but Chac'Late is a unique and extraordinary Qatari brand which is attuned to the sweet and subliminal substance which has been perfected in Europe over centuries of innovation and craft from that continent's finest and most innovative chocolatiers.

AKH has brought to Qatar the finest examples of the king of all sweets, by embracing the European charisma and adding a local touch. The mouth-melting menu brings together first class brands of chocolate from UK, Italy and Switzerland, as well as authentic home-made Arabic flavors such as karak and tahina.

Overall, Chac'Late provides a wide variety of imported goodies, gift boxes and hampers of imported and locally-produced goodies ideal for enjoying on the premises (or outdoors in the winter, if you prefer) as a take-away gift  for special occasions and loved ones.

The quality of the locally-produced ingredients and chocolate are hoped to prove irresistible to tourists, and already the brand is attracting attention from potential franchisees in the UK.

Chac'Late also features daily two special freshly-baked cakes served with mouth-watering warm syrup. Simply put – where else would you want to go to get the best chocolate in the country?

Opening Hours:

08:00am-1:00pm,Saturday – Thursday

Closed 11:00am - 01:00am, for prayer Friday

For inquiries please call: +974 4408 0733

Building 15, Katara Cultural Village, West Bay, Doha, Qatar.

اContact Us

For inquiries please call: +974 4408 0733 – instagram/Chaclate.Doha –
Building 15, Katara Cultural Village, West Bay, Doha, Qatar.