L’wzaar Seafood Market

Upon entering L'wzaar, the interactive open kitchen and a four-meter-long seafood display gives the diner a candid look at what feasts of the sea await them.
The restaurant's original décor and blue mosaic flooring are meant to provide an environment that is contemporary and comfortable, with the blue flooring providing an aquatic touch.


L'wzaar is a venue where freshness is king, both in terms of produce, and the speed with which it is cooked and brought to the table. L'wzaar is also about variety, where seafood is served in a number of different styles:  Classic Mediterranean, Japanese – in the form of a sushi bar – Middle Eastern, Far Eastern and Indian.


With over 50 varieties of seafood, the menu's emphasis is on freshness, quality and variety. You will find all three in the L'wzaar Seafood Market.

Service Hours:

Saturday – Thursday

12:00 pm- 4:00pm, Lunch

07:00 pm-11:30 pm, Dinner


1:00 pm -  4:00pm, Lunch

07:00pm - 11:30pm, Dinner

Building 27, Katara Cultural Village

Tel: +974 4408 0710 / +974 4408 0711 / +974 4408 0716
Fax: +974 4408 0722
Website: www.lwzaar.com
Email: info@lwzaar.com

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L’wzaar Seafood Market

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