le Vesuvio

Named after the famous volcano in Naples, le Vesuvio offers a full menu of exquisite Italian cuisine.
The premium quality of food includes piping-hot pizzas from an authentic wood-fired oven. As any self-respecting Italian will attest, the only way that one of the world's most renowned and historic 'fast foods' should be cooked is in the wood-fired method. This delivers a pizza which in terms of taste and authenticity puts the global pizza chains to shame!

All of le Vesuvio's cuisine basics are freshly prepared using authentic Italian ingredients to provide a true Italian taste. Its unique location overlooking the beach, and adjacent to the Katara amphitheater, gives le Vesuvio an enviable location from which to enjoy the rustic Mediterranean fare which a great pizza often provides!

Opening Hours:

12:00pm- 01:30am, Saturday – Wednesday

01:00pm-01:30pm, Friday

05:00pm-06:00pm, Pizza Only
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le Vesuvio

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