News Date:Thursday, 04 January 2018

The Cultural Village Foundation-Katara hosted the fifth ‘Katara Tech Forum’, which is sought to be a venture that aims at promoting public awareness on the latest advances in the fields of information and digital technology.

The forum was conducted in the presence of the General Manager of the Cultural Village Foundation- Katara, H.E. Dr. Khalid bin Ibrahim Al-Sulaiti, and the Director of Katara's Information Technology Department, Mr. Thamer Al-Qadi, last Wednesday, held at Katara's Drama Theatre. 

The Katara Tech Forum, which is scheduled to take place on the first Wednesday of every month, started with a speech by the General Manager of the Cultural Village Foundation- Katara, H.E. Dr. Khalid bin Ibrahim Al-Sulaiti, in which he said, "The fifth Katara Tech Forum sheds the light on the fruitful cooperation with official institutions, government bodies and different sectors in the country, with a noble aim to create an ideal environment in which all factors of creativity and innovation fall under one ambience. Furthermore, the forum comes in to provide a platform for Qatari youth to access the latest developments, projects and initiatives related to the IT field.

Through the host of Katara Tech Forum, the Cultural Village Foundation- Katara intends to attract experts and specialists to present their sophisticated experiences as it will be beneficial in developing various sectors found within the information technology field. Not to forget to mention that the forum is aligned with the goals targeted by Qatar's 2030 National Vision."

Katara's GM concluded his speech by saying, "We hope that our efforts will culminate in finding better means to make our world cope with the rapid and unprecedented technological revolution today, and that this Forum will offer real opportunities to Qatari youth as they march towards the future equipped with knowledge and hope."

Following the General Manager's speech, the forum moved into its scheduled program that consisted of a seminar about the government services in the State of Qatar presented by Walid Jalal. Web and user experience portals lectured by Nawras Deyaa, a review of the Epilert project was conducted by Firas Rahim as it addressed a new 'Epilert Wristband' that has been created to decrease the risk of an Epilepsy patient from personal injury and possible injuries to others due to the loss of control or awareness of one's body and tends to provide a medical care report to doctors.

In addition, a lecture about "Thaqafa Podcast Project" which is a live-station that provides the listener with various Arabic audio content from poetry, history and stories showcased by Abdelaziz Al-Anani and Abdullah Taha. Finally, the forum concluded with a mobile Phone-Charging project which entails charging using the walking movement, as in wireless charging to cellphones using approximately 5,000 steps which was presented by Rabaa Ahmed.

The seminar held open discussions which saw the active participation of the audiences through questions and statements put to the lecturer.

From the sideline activities of the forum, the participants installed their kiosks at an expo depicting their projects through flyers, brochures and a real display of the unique product or service creation.

At the forum's conclusion, all participants were honoured for their outstanding efforts in educating the public on new IT trends.

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