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Al Jazz festivities kick off at Katara

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Following the spectacular success that has been achieved in the previous editions of Katara- European Jazz festival, the third edition of the European jazz festival started on Wednesday ,
at Katara’s building number 5, amidst significant presence of heads of diplomatic missions in Doha.  ​​

​Jointly organized by the Cultural Village Foundation Katara, and several embassies including: Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland in Doha and the Qatar Music Academy, this year edition kicked off with two spectacular performances by Eza band from France and the Golden circle quartet from Italy.

Speaking on the inauguration ceremony of the third edition of the grand event, the General Manager of the Cultural Village Foundation-Katara, HE. Dr. Khalid bin Ibrahim al Sulaiti said: "We exude hope that this year edition will grab a significant turnout of attendees' similar other events that have been hosted and organized by the cultural village. Hosting similar events stresses Katara's vision of bringing cultures together." 

Katara Chief pointed out that as an international genre of music, the international jazz music captivates different human senses and feelings, therefore, Katara as a hub of cultures works to offer all kind of musical culture as boundless human language to boost cultural ties and promote cultural partnerships.

HE. French ambassador to Doha, HE.  Eric Chevallier and HE the Italian ambassador Italian ambassador Guido De Sanctis were also present during the event and have exuded thanks for Katara for being keen at hosting events that bring culture together and have stressed the importance of using music for prevailing as a language of tolerance and peace amongst people.

Following the inauguration ceremony, Jazz lovers experienced the spectacular Saharan music that blend with rock sounds, African pulse, rhythmic trances and groove during the performance of the French band, Ezza.

Standing out of previous famous Tuareg bands, the power trio EZZA transforms and brings the Tuareg music off the usual path, blending, without any concessions, modern rock sounds, African pulse, rhythmic trances and relentless groove. EZZA's desert bluesrock, three-piece dynamic and soul-stirring melodies, produce a more contemporary sound than previously associated with Saharan music.


Led by Omar Adam Goumour, EZZA take a rightful place in the desert-rock pantheon, a neat, propulsive outfit supplying a depth of groove that's impressive for just a three piece. Omar is a charismatic

leader, his warm, soulful vocals accompanied by some beautifully liquid guitar lines. All the necessary component parts are there. More impeccable desert sounds to stir your soul.


The first day of Jazz festivities continues with the performance of Golden Circle Quartet from Italy that consist of Rosario GIULIANI - Alto Sax Fabrizio Bosso, Enzo PIETROPAOLI, and Marcello DI LEONARDO.

The Four renowned Italian jazz artists were inspired by that legendary live performance: Rosario Giuliani, Fabrizio Bosso, Enzo Pietropaoli, and Marcello di Leonardo. Together they formed an imaginary "golden circle," blending together their experiences and setting aside their preeminent roles to convey their extraordinary talent as interpreters and music makers in a singular band. This does not intend to be exclusively a tribute to Ornette Coleman and his music,

surprisingly still current after 50 years, but aims to implement the strong urge to move closer to what Coleman termed "The New Thing."

Apart from Coleman's famous songs (such as "Congeniality" or "Jayne," dedicated to his wife, poet Jayne Cortez) the CDs enriched with three original tracks, especially produced for this occasion, where these jazz artists undeniably manifest what Coleman constantly repeated: "This is our music." Their CD is produced by Jando Music (in collaboration with Via Veneto jazz) and distributed by Universal.

Jazz festivities at Katara  will continue this Friday with the performance by the German band "Three fall" at 7: pm.


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