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Croitian film day

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To introduce the Qatari public to Croatian cinema, two films will be screened, both rated suitable for general public viewing. KOKO AND THE GHOSTS for younger viewers and GNOTHI SEAUTON (KNOW THYSELF) for adult viewers.

The first film Koko &Ghosts, which will be displayed at 5 pm in the drama theatre, reflects the story of an amusing and lighthearted adventure as the intrepid hero Koko unravels a mystery.

Know Thyself (GNOTHI SEAUTON), which will be displayed at 8 pm in the drama theatere,  deals in a matter of fact way with the most serious issues of life: love, dedication, persistance, hardship, reward and rejection. The film documents life's incredible trials, tribulations and triumphs  of an ordinary yet icredible family made of  equally ordinary yet incredible individuals whose story ranks among the most incredible stories ever told in the sporting world.

When they started the Kostelić Family was unknown, then became one of the most respected skiing families in the world.

The Kostelić story is one of love and persistence triumphing over adversity. It is a story of vision and human endurance in pursuing a dream, a story that stirs emotions and grips the viewers charging them with strong positive feelings. This film was awarded the first prize of the Houston Film Festival.

The producer and director of the film Know Thyself will attend during the screening, as the public will have the oppurtunity to discuss with him.

The prjoection the two films comes among the efforts made by the Cultural Village Katara to promote the seventh art productions, as Katara had presented films from Italy, Poland and Russia.


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