Katara continues to wow visitors with large number of activities

News Date:Saturday, 03 December 2022

For the fifteenth day in a row, the Cultural Village Foundation, Katara, continued its celebrations accompanying the FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022, amidst a large crowd of different nationalities and groups. Katara is offering a variety of events to suit all tastes and interests of people from all over the world.

The Katara Traditional Dhow Festival also witnessed a number of official visits, where His Excellency Professor Dr. Khalid bin Ibrahim Al-Sulaiti, Director-General of the Cultural Village Katara, met with His Excellency President Zoran Milanovic, President of the Republic of Croatia, and His Excellency Dr Saud bin Hamood bin Ahmed Al Habsi, Minister of Agricultural and Fisheries of the Sultanate of Oman, Mrs. Sanja Mosić Milanovic, wife of the President of the Republic of Croatia, and the sons of Mrs. Samia Suluhu Hassan, President of the Republic of Tanzania, on the occasion of their visits to Katara.

The Katara Traditional Dhow Festival attracts visitors from different countries, as Mr. William from England, said: “The atmosphere here is very wonderful, contrary to all expectations. I enjoy every place here in Qatar. I liked very much getting to know the old life in Qatar through the Al-Mahaseel Festival.”

Victoria from France, said, "I loved Qatar very much and visited many places. This is the first time I visit Katara. It is really beautiful and displays many cultures."

Allan from Switzerland, said: "The atmosphere of the World Cup is amazing, and I liked the events all over Qatar. Everyone here shares enthusiasm and joy."

Peter from England, said,: “It was a great opportunity to join my friends here in Qatar. I came the day before yesterday and I am very pleased with this atmosphere.”

As part of its openness to various types of arts, Katara allows artists to present their various artworks to the public in various places. At the Katara beach promenade, Russian artist Danis and the rest of his group present graffiti art. In this context, he says: “I came here to do some artwork. We worked on everything related to football, and the atmosphere of the place helped us to inspire new ideas. This is the first time we have visited Qatar, and I liked the place very much, as the atmosphere is different and the people are very nice. They ask me about the drawing and my choice of colours and shapes.”

And he expressed his great admiration for Katara, saying that the cultural neighbourhood is very beautiful. “I was inspired by many ideas during my work here. I feel that every day here is a day of joy and happiness, as everyone is harmonious and happy with the international sporting atmosphere, especially with the convergence of many cultures and peoples.”

For her part, Akzana, a plastic artist from Ukraine, says that she liked to paint in the open air at the cultural district, and that the place is very beautiful, expressing her admiration for the beauty of Qatar. She indicated that she drew many scenes from different places in Qatar, including Souq Waqif, Katara, and other, and she is happy to discover the splendor of Islamic architecture.

A number of Qatari and foreign artists of various nationalities were also present on Katara Beach and within the Katara Traditional Dhow Festival, presenting their artworks to the audience.

Some private pavilions of the participating countries are also presenting various artistic paintings inspired by maritime heritage and fishing life.

Meanwhile, The Katara Library for Arabic Fiction presents a variety of activities aimed at children of different nationalities in the yard of Building 48, where a booklet of drawings inspired by decorations and traditional shapes for children has been prepared for children to colour or draw.

This event is very popular with children and parents praised it, stressing that it is wonderful that Katara does not forget children and introduces them to the Qatari heritage through beautiful creative activities.

On the other hand, the "World Wonders Balloon Tour Show" continues to attract the audience, especially children, who were happy to follow its various and interesting paragraphs.

Saturday (December 3), will be the last day to follow the show, which will be presented in two periods, the first at five o'clock in the evening, and the second at seven o'clock in the evening at Al-Hikma Square. The Bosnian Embassy, in cooperation with Katara, presents a folklore show at 6:30, and the second show at 9:00 pm at Al-Bairaq Square.

The Katara Fashion Show will continue to present Qatari fashion in a modern spirit. The show’s third night: “The Kindergarten” has been inspired by the flowers and plants in the Qatari environment, and reflects the rainy spring weather in the Gulf. Four Qatari designers participate in this night: Kholoud Al-Musallam, Dana Al Mulla, Jawhara Al Suwaidi and Aisha Al Obaidan.

The Katara amphitheater hosted a concert by Kuwaiti artist Hammoud Al-Khader, which attracted a large audience. Many concerts will be presented on the open stage, including the concert of artist Maher Zain, Elissa and artist Adam on December 7, and a concert by artist Saad Al-Mujrad on December 8th. Ahmed Saad and Tamer Ashour will be performing on December 11th, and Aseel Hamim, DJ Aseel and Saud Jassim on December 15th.