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Katara Hosts Art Exhibitions Dedicated to Georgian and Mexican Artistry

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Katara – Cultural Village Foundation – Katara launched on Sunday the opening of two separate art exhibitions, “Georgian Living Heritage Exhibition” and the “Urban Weavings Exhibition”,

​each respectively dedicated to the culture and art of Georgia and Mexico. Both exhibitions attracted a sizeable crowd of individuals as well as the Ambassador to Qatar of each country.

Located along the crossroads between Eastern Europe and West Asia, the exhibition of a collection of Georgian artists provided Katara's audience with a number of cultural stylings relevant to the order of cultural exchange regularly on hand at The Cultural Village. The Mexican exhibition was meanwhile anchored by a single artist, Paloma Torres, who displayed a series of artworks across a number of mediums.

On display 17-30 January, half of the Georgian exhibition is dedicated to the history of the Caucasus nation and how the past has informed the artwork and clothing which the country continues to produce. Among the work are paintings, reproductions of ancient ceramics and clothing which has been fashioned in a contemporary manner with a nod the country's ancient culture.

"The concept is based on showing the connection between Georgian art history and contemporary life. What is important is that we put this is in two different exhibitions though under the same umbrella. One displays the country's ancient period while the other is based on living heritage which details the contemporary contributions of Georgian culture. There are textiles, tapestries, ceramics and jewelry and there will also be a workshop on 18 January which explains how to create the work," said Maka Dvalishvili, President of the Georgian Arts and Culture Center and the exhibition's curator.

HE. Georgia's Ambassador to Qatar, Ekaterine Meiering-Mikadze, also attended "Georgian Living Heritage Exhibition", further cementing the importance of cultural exchange between the nations.

"As an embassy we are only three years old, very fresh. But from the beginning our mission was to fill this big puzzle which exists between the cultures of Georgia and Qatar. Art is a large part of this," said Meiering-Mikadze.

Our idea was to bring a piece of Georgia and we've had many different kinds of exhibitions. This current display is the latest way for us to show Qataris who we are. Qataris can therefore benefit by easily learning who we are without the obstacle of travel."

Immediately following the "Georgian Living Heritage Exhibition", the Mexican exhibition which is on display 17-31 January, likewise offered a level of international cultural exchange only offered at Katara. Paloma Torres' ease with varying mediums which include weavings, sculpture, photography and abstract art were all on display, the centrepiece of which was a large weaving displayed most prominently.

"It's an exhibition about Mexico City. I've used photographs around the city's vital public transportation system but also tapestries and ceramics. I have performed other international installations, namely Georgetown University, but this is my first time exhibiting in Qatar. I feel at home here at Katara based on how welcome the space is for contemporary work like mine. I'm excited to see where Katara heads because it is fast becoming one of the most important places for culture in the world," said Torres.

HE. Mexican Ambassador to Qatar, Francisco Niembro, inaugurated the exhibition alongside The General Manager of Cultural Village Foundation – Katara, HE. Dr. Khalid Bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti. Niembro expressed his delight with the platform which Katara has provided for not only Mexican art but also international culture. Dr. Al Sulaiti meanwhile offered his approval of both the contributions of Georgia and Torres' rich Mexican artistry whilst inaugurating the latter exhibition.

"I am delighted to welcome both Georgia and Mexico's artistry to Katara. To be surrounded by such impressive artwork, which is not only pleasing to the eye but also representative of the cultural exchange we champion here at Katara, offers a wonderful depiction of our ethos at the Cultural Village," said HE. Dr. Al Sulaiti.


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