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Katara is all Set to run 6th Traditional Dhow Festival

News Date :
The Cultural Village Foundation-Katara announced the completion of all preparations for launching this year’s edition of Katara’s Traditional Dhow Festival that starts today at Katara beach with the participation of over 230 participants from the GCC,
 and India with more than 100 dhows of diverse types and shapes. ​

Spectators for the grand maritime event will continue to enjoy the festival until the 19th of this month, in which visitors can watch Al-Dasha (opening ceremony) beginning at 3:30 pm at Katara's Beach. The 6th edition of the Traditional Dhow Festival comprises sideline activities that include; fish market, boat trips, traditional café and Daloub Operetta that will daily begin at 6:30 pm.

In this year's edition, folkloric performances will be presented including traditional performances inspired by the maritime legacy of the region; performers from Qatar, Oman and Bahrain will participate.

The action-packed event will also include a collection of maritime tournaments such as rowing, diving, Al-Ghazl, Al-Hdaq, Al-Lufah, in addition to the two new contests of bringing down the dhow loader and Al-Nahmah, in which finally the winners will be announced and judged by a jury.

Katara sixth edition of traditional dhow festival, will be a destination of morning daily field trips for both international and national schools that is organized by Katara in bid to promote awareness about the maritime rich legacy of Qatar and the GCC countries among new generations.

In addition, sea trips will also be available from 3 -9 pm, taking passengers from the Pearl to Katara's Beach and vice versa. Stalls will also be designated to sell traditional handicrafts designed by the region's best artists, some known as the Wadaj, Al-Tawash profession, Alyal, Al-yezaf, Laskar, Al-Zarafah, Al-Hadhrah, Al-Qalafah and falaq among others.


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