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Katara Sixth Edition of Dhow Festival Launched at Katara

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The Katara Traditional Dhow Festival returns for its sixth year with additional competitions and more participants expected in the annual event

that held under the patronage of His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani that is scheduled to run from the 15th of November to the 19th at Katara beach.

The inauguration ceremony of the grand maritime event is launched with the presence of dignitaries, ministers, and heads of diplomatic missions in Doha, who have been accompanied by the General Manager of the Cultural Village Foundation -Katara H.E. Dr. Khalid bin Ibrahim al Sulaiti in a tour around diverse facilities and sideline events of this year edition of dhow festival. 

Speaking on the occasion, the General Manager of the Cultural Village Foundation-Katara, HE. Dr. Khalid bin Ibrahim al Sulaiti said: “The sixth Traditional Dhow Festival is the fruit of its previous successful editions that were attended by huge crowds and competitions’ participants.” Katara’s General Manager noted that what makes this edition special is the announcement of Fath al Khair 3 voyage that revive the history of our ancestors at making their living. 

Dr. Al-Sulaiti pointed out that the maritime heritage is an integral part of Qatar and other Gulf states and this perception stems from the interest of Katara in fostering this authentic tradition and supporting the efforts aiming at documenting what was inherited by fathers and ancestors. 

The head of the festival organizing committee, Ahmad Al-Hitmi, stated that this year’s program is exceptional as it will announce launching Fath Al-Khair 3. He pointed out that this year edition comprises unique activities of Dhow loader (sail set), al Nahma, and sail installation. 
This year edition was initiated with the opening ceremony that witnessed a significant participation of visitors and sailors that comprised sideline activities that include; fish market, boat trips, traditional café and Daloub Operetta that will daily begin at 6:30 pm.
In this year’s edition, folkloric performances by bands from Qatar, Oman and Bahrain that presented traditional performances that are inspired by the maritime legacy of the region.  
The action-packed event will also include a collection of maritime tournaments such as rowing, diving, Al-Ghazl, Al-Haddaq, Al-Lufah, in addition to the two new contests of bringing down the dhow loader and Al-Nahmah, in which finally the winners will be announced and judged by a jury. 
While the competitions of al Haddaq, al Ghazal and dhow loader started this Tuesday, al Naham competition will kick off on the 17th of November at 5:45 pm. As for the pearl diving opening ceremony (Al-Dasha) is scheduled to begin on the 17th of November at 4:00 pm. 
Katara sixth edition of traditional dhow festival, is designed to be a destination of morning daily field trips for both international and national schools that is organized by Katara in bid to promote awareness about the maritime rich legacy of Qatar and the GCC countries among new generations.


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