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Katara’s “Schools Enrich our Culture” draws significant turnout

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Cultural Village Foundation initiative of “Schools enrich our culture” continues to enthrall school students through its educational and interactive tours launched to instill curiosity of discovery towards their history and cultural traditions in Qatar.

In its participation at Katara leading intuitive, Al Jazeera Academy has conducted a visit on Monday to Katara to lake part at its educational and interactive program of schools enrich our culture.

Following their tour on Katara's facilities of amphitheater, Opera House and Multiple Hall, female students of Al Jazeera Academy School have participated in the a work shop entitled 'team work', organized by childhood cultural center as a part of its series of educational, cultural, and artistic sessions as well as their sessions on personal values for students from all age groups. Al Jazeera academy students have been lectured on the basics of team work mechanism and the acquisition of positive values by the academic supervisor on the Childhood Cultural Centre, Khadija al Dabsha. During the workshop, students were afforded a glimpse to techniques of goals accomplishment including that nominating a leader and potential investments.

It is noteworthy that seven different entities are taking part in this initiative "Schools enrich our culture" and they are as follow: the Childhood Cultural Centre, Sout Al Khaleej, Poet Majles, Qatar Music Academy, Al Ganaas Association, Katara Beach Management, and Red Velvet Cupcake). Each entity contributes with a number of activities that introduce their mission and objectives. Katara beach management was more concerned with explaining about the maritime heritage of Qatar. Qatar Music Academy will introduce the Arab and Western musical instruments that are used in the academy, the guest students will be also able to use them. In media and journalism, Sout Al Khaleej will provide hands on in the preparation and presentation of radio programmes. This is in addition to introducing the basics of radio operation and voice control. The Poet Majles will introduce the folkloric poetry in all its types and rhyme schemes to students, in addition to its implications on the society in the past and today. It will also present a group of sessions on the etiquettes of the Majles, with more focus on the old terminology and their meanings. Al Gannas Association will provide phenomenal sessions on the hunting tools and basics, falcons, and preys.  


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