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“Stars of Georgia” staged at Katara’s Opera House

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Aligned to its vision of bringing cultures together and enriching the international cultural scene, the Cultural Village Foundation-Katara in collaboration with the Embassy of Georgia in Doha

​hosted the Georgian musical soiree of “Stars of Georgia” at Katara’s Opera House. ​

The Georgian spectacular show, held on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Georgia's independence grabbed a significant presence of representatives of diplomatic missions in Doha.  The Georgian Ambassador to Doha, HE. Ekaterine Meiering-Mikadze was also present during the musical concert.

The musical soiree "Stars of Georgia" are comprised of top performers of Georgia's rich musical expressions and artistic forms, ranging from the unique traditional polyphonic a Capella chant to popular urban songs from across Georgia and romances reflecting the spirit of Tbilisi where manners and customs, languages and creeds, arts and crafts have been molded over the centuries into a pluralistic urban culture.

The musical soiree started with the ensemble "Georgian voices", who have transmitted the full sound of the authentic singing technique and enthralled the attendees with the rich repertoire of traditional popular music. 

Following the choir, the renowned pianist; David Mazanashvili, who began to play piano when he was four years old, performed charming musical and classical composition of Gogov ertmanetis besides other musical pieces.

Along with the amiable pianist, two charming artists thrilled the audience with their traditional and authentic vocal sound: Eka Mamaladze and Nani Bregvadze. Eka Mamaladze is an artist in a class of her own, growing up in music with her mother Nani Bregvadse. Nani Bregvadse is the grand lady of songs and a living icon that is highly regarded in Georgia and beyond for her stage presence and nuanced renditions of popular songs and city romances.    

Speaking on the occasion, HE. Ekaterine Meiering-MikadIn the ambassador of Georgia in Doha exuded appreciation for the Cultural Village Katara for hosting the stunning Georgian musical event that comprise the elite of Georgian musicians.

The Georgian envoy to Doha, said: "There is no culture separate from music. Music breathes through Georgia's ancient civilization. Music permeates Georgia's medieval architecture, and its contemporary paintings and sculptures. Music fills Georgia's rich literature. In Georgia, music is everywhere. Nothing in Georgia ever developed in isolation. Georgia's geography is where cultures intersect."

It is noteworthy that as Georgia celebrates this year its 25th anniversary of restituting statehood and independence, the musical soiree affords attendees a glimpse into the breadth and depth of the sounds of Georgia reflecting its exciting history at the cross roads of Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. 


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